Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

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New Team ABC3 Publication!


Back in September we shared that Hayyah Clairman‘s MSc work on our Team ABC3 study ‘pathways to eating: determining eating behaviour phenotypes in children with severe obesity‘ under the supervision of Dr. Jill Hamilton was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Obesity.

We are thrilled to share that it has now been published!

Other team members on this work include: Elizabeth Dettmer, Annick Buchholz, Kristina Cordeiro, Katerina Maximova, Alene Toulany, and Katherine Morrison.

Awesome work, Hayyah and team!

Clairman et al., International Journal of Obesity, 2018

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Happy Holidays!

Before heading off into the break, we reflected on how much we value the incredible members of Team ABC3. We have had yet another productive and educational year! We’ve shared many successes including the progress and wrap up (a couple!) of our individual studies, the achievements of our trainees, and our 3rd AGM.

We look forward to another big year ahead for our team.

Please accept our warmest wishes to you and your families this Holiday Season.

Geoff & Nicole