Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

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2nd Annual General Meeting!


Last week we held our 2nd Annual General Meeting at Sick Kids in Toronto!

All our our Team ABC3 Project Leaders were able to attend our AGM and provide study updates on their current projects, along with sharing insights on successes and challenges to date. Our junior team members also presented their research to Sick Kids staff and we had the pleasure of welcoming Suzanne Tough (Team ABC3 Scientific Advisory Board member) who gave a presentation on the All Our Families cohort study.

As you know, our team includes a number of smaller sub-studies (eight to be exact!), so sub-teams had the chance to participate in break out sessions to discuss relevant issues for their individual projects. We also opened our AGM to trainees in the Toronto area for a chance to meet with our team of senior researchers for one-on-one ‘Office Hours’. Trainees were able to get advice on career goals, find out about current projects and research, and make new connections.

A big thank you to Rebecca Noseworthy and Jill Hamilton who helped us host our 2nd AGM!

Be sure to Check out Geoff Ball’s blog post on our 2nd AGM as well!

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Our First Annual General Meeting!


Over the weekend, our team members met for our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Ottawa as a satellite meeting to the 6th Conference on Recent Advances in the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity! Because our team stretches across Canada, this was our first chance to get together in person to discuss study progress and network with one another among other things.

Check out some of the highlights!

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…And The Results Are In!

Team ABC3 survey results are in - preferred mode of communication and first annual general meetingWe recently sent out a survey to the members of Team ABC3 to get input and feedback regarding our (i) first Annual General Meeting (AGM) and (ii) preferred modes of communication and the results are in. Check out the take away points! Continue reading