Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Integrating Health Coaches


Does integration of health coaches improve adherence to an e-health lifestyle and behavioural intervention? A randomized controlled trial of LiGHT (Living Green, Healthy, and Thrifty)

Project Lead: Louise Masse

Timeline: May 2015 – December 2018

Objective: To examine whether adding health coaches to LiGHT (an e-health lifestyle and behavioural intervention for managing SO in children) increases intervention adherence and improves anthropometric, lifestyle habits, cardiometablic risk factors and family psychosocial health.

Research Plan: For this trial, the research team will compare LiGHT (v2.0) to LiGHT+, which adds personal health coaches (PHCs) to improve intervention adherence. PHCs will encourage LiGHT+ participants to complete behavioural techniques (e.g., self-monitor, set goals) that can enable changes in eating and physical activity habits. Children are the primary intervention recipients, with parents playing secondary roles. Children and parents in both trial groups will complete a comprehensive assessment at 0- and 6-months follow-up.

Outcomes: Adherence will be the primary outcome. This outcome will be tracked continuously within LiGHT and measured as a latent variable by monitoring the extent to which participants access the intervention (number of weeks accessed), percentage of pages viewed, and adherence to behaviour change techniques (percentage of use of self-monitoring techniques). Secondary outcomes include children’s anthropometry, lifestyle habits, cardiometabolic risk factors, family psychosocial health, and factors at individual, social and environmental levels that can influence adherence (e.g., intrinsic motivation, peer support). All outcomes will be measured at 0- and 6-months follow-up.