Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Pediatricians Use of Genetic Tests for Children with Global Developmental Delay

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A recent study found that although pediatricians often order genetic testing for children with global developmental delay (GDD), practices and knowledge regarding testing are not optimal. 

The researchers surveyed 255 pediatricians in Quebec regarding their use of genetic tests, perceptions of the utility of test results, and vignettes to explore participants’ decision-making processes.

Results showed that only 31.9% were familiar with at least one guideline about genetic tests for the investigation of children with GD. In addition, based on the vignettes, pediatricians tended not to order genetic tests for all children with GDD, despite recommendations. This was especially true in the case of isolated GDD (e.g., only 56.7%).

The researchers suggest that as new and more complex genetic tests are developed, up-to-date training about the use of genetic tests for children with GDD should be integrated at all levels of training.

Tremblay et al., Paediatrics & Child Health, 2018

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