Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

What Can We Learn from the Recent Data on Prevalence and Characteristics of Severe Obesity?

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Dollarphotoclub_90033940.jpgOur last two blog posts highlighted recent studies demonstrating that obesity prevalence did not decrease for any age group and continued upward among many subgroups, and racial and ethnic disparities, especially at the most extreme weight categories, shows no sign of abating. A follow-up editorial explores some lessons to be learned from these data. 

The editorial suggests that we should avoid the tendency to overinterpret short-term trends for complex chronic diseases like obesity, given methods for estimating obesity prevalence differ in accuracy and precision among surveys. Secondly, the editorial suggests that our current public health approaches have largely failed. Despite having knowledge of the biological drivers of obesity (e.g., diet quality, sedentary time, physical activity, stress, sleep, perinatal factors), we may still be lacking an effective strategy to address these drivers with sufficient intensity, consistency, and persistence.

Check out the full editorial: Ludwig et al, Pediatrics, 2018

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