Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Hot Off the Press!

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Aside from their work on Team ABC3, our team members are always busy working on a variety of other projects. Check out some of their latest publications:

Mark Tremblay (Team ABC3 Co-Investigator) recently co-authored a systematic review to compare the 20 m shuttle run test performance among children and youth across 50 countries. The review also explores socioeconomic indicators and the test’s utility as an international population health indicator (Lang et al., Br J Sports Med, 2016).

Jill Hamilton and Catherine Birken (Team ABC3 Project Leaders) recently published a review to explore recent developments in our understanding of severe childhood obesity with a focus on targeted medical and surgical treatments (Coles et al., BMJ, 2016).

Katherine Morrison (Team ABC3 Project Leader) lead a study to compare body composition, hypoglycemia, lipid levels, and blood pressure in adults born with extremely low birth weight compared to adults born with normal birth weight (Morrison et al., Pediatrics, 2016).

Jean-Pierre Chanoine (Team ABC3 Co-Investigator) co-authored a paper on the clinical validity and usefulness of MedGem to measure resting energy expenditure in overweight and obese adolescents (Woo et al., Pediatric Research, 2016).

Catherine Chan (Team ABC3 Knowledge User) published an evaluation on the effectiveness of the PANDA (Physical Activity and Nutrition for Diabetes in Alberta) menu plan intervention on blood glucose control and dietary adherence among patients with type 2 diabetes (Asaad et al., Healthcare, 2016).

Keep it up team!

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