Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

The Power of Home

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A recent systematic review published in Obesity Reviews highlights the growing attention to and promise of pediatric weight management programs that feature home visitation components. In light of this, one of our Team ABC3 studies is well positioned to contribute to a growing body of evidence.

The investigators of the review identified 15 studies (the majority published within the past 5-6 years) that looked at interventions that were at least partly delivered in the homes of youth aged 2-18. Of these, 9 were either superior to a control or comparison or achieved significant reductions in adiposity. In addition, interventions in which professional staff (e.g., dietitians and exercise specialists) conducted home visits and those with more frequent contact tended to be the most effective.

In Dr. Catherine Birken‘s Team ABC3 study, families will participate in a group-based program with a focus on lifestyle, behavioural and parenting issues and strategies for managing severe obesity in young children and will be complemented by four home-based visits.

Appelhans et al., Obes Rev, 2016


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