Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Team to Address Bariatric Care in Canadian Children

Lifespan ‘Weighed Down’ by Diet

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Food scaleIn a recent commentary in JAMA, Dr. David Ludwig argued the need for a comprehensive national strategy to address the obesity epidemic.

With some predicting that children today will lead shorter, less healthful lives than their parents due to obesity-related chronic diseases, Dr. Ludwig pointed to evidence that not all calories are alike and that the type of calories consumed may affect the number of calories burned. Shifting the focus away from individual-level choices and toward having the food industry and government assume some responsibility for the foods we eat and the active (or inactive) choices we make is a crucial step. 

He detailed a number of actions that could help to forestall such a prediction, including : national policies to shift away from low-quality commodities; sensible reforms involving taxes and subsidies; increasing accessibility and affordability through national nutrition assistance programs; greater investment in schools to serve high-quality meals and offer regular physical education opportunities and; protect children against predatory advertising.

Ludwig JAMA 2016

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